Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Craziness!

So, who else was crazy and went to Wal Mart at Midnight or earlier? I got there at 11pm with my sweet Auntie who wanted to see the chaos in person! At my Wal Mart the Craft area is in the back near the Electronics, which is not a good spot during Black Friday! We arrived and there were a few other ladies waiting for the palettes of Cricut Expressions and Cartridges to arrive! Minutes later they came rolling on up (see above photo). After the workers set them in place, we drooled all over them. I was only after the new cartridges. I kneeled down in front of where the carts were and found the ones I needed (got one for Sam my bestie over at Sam's Scrap Candy), though they were still behind the plastic wrap :-\ another lady was like I'm going in and getting what I want. On my side the plastic wrap had a huge hole in it and the carts had already fallen of the hooks. So, sweet auntie says get the carts and hand them to me. I hand her two carts and I have the third and she states lets go! This is all you wanted? (We weren't suppose to get them yet). It's only 11:30pm and now we wait! Yes, we had to wait until 12:01am to check out. Finally, we got inline behind another couple that already had items that were on the shelves and not out in the palettes. I figured were safe now. Earlier, I had seen the workers running tape along the tops of the palettes so people couldn't start taking stuff early. The New York Auntie wins and we were out of Wal Mart at 12:03am and home by 12:18am cause the police had the road blocked near our house and we had to go the long way home!

What did you venture out for on Black Friday?

Happy Scrappin!


  1. Congrats, I was crazy also and went out @ 11pm ans got Jolly holidays and Twinkle toes::)))) Yes it was worth it!!!

  2. oh my gosh! that's hilarious!!! i'm so glad pisha went with you!! :) ha ha! i only with i could have been there!

  3. Awesome Adrian! The Jolly Holiday's Cart is so cute!!! I love the little bird with the Santa hat! And the Penguin, which you don't have to use the umbrella with him, looks like you can cut it off! I just may scrap today!