Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm Still Here!!

Hey all!!! I am still here!! I have actually been active on YouTube posting lots of videos. I have been bad on posting them to my blog.  It has been crazy since Thanksgiving. my dad was visiting and of course everyday was a new adventure. Then it just rolls right into December. It is a a busy month for me as Christmas and Birthdays all fall this month. I have had barley any time to wrap presents.  I did make handmade Christmas cards and sent those out. I have a few more to make.  Also, I deceided to make a December Daily and trying to stay up to date with that. I made Kathy Orta's Lapbook Style December Daily. It has several pockets, pull outs, and hidden compartments. I will be making a video on mine soon!

Just to catch you all up on my videos here is one of my latest!!!  I will also be having a Giveaway for my 100 Subscribers or Subbies on YouTube. If you are not a subscriber head on over and enjoy!!! I am Girlracerphoto on YouTube. There is no need for multiple usernames in my chaotic world.  You will see mainly scrapbooking hauls, tips & Tricks and layout / card shares. I will also post some non scrapbooking related items (Scooter Rides, Car Shows) just pass them by or watch them if you like!

I hope you subscribe and enjoy my adventures in Scrapbooking!

Happy Scrappin!

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