Sunday, September 19, 2010

Imagine the Possibilities!

Look Out World!!! The Cricut Imagine is coming to my Scrap Room! Yes, I am getting one as a gift from my Mother In Law. Yippie!! I should have it October 11th or at least that week! I'm sure all of you watched the HSN debut and wasn't sure if it was worth the money or not. I am upgrading from a Baby Bug. I think that's a pretty good step up! I have already experimented with printing 12 x 12 Ink Jet sheets of background paper. Being a Photographer first I happen to have 2 yes 2 Large Format Printers. I am an Epson girl at heart and don't really like HP, but for the Cricut i'll give it a try! I'm not sure that the number of full sheet prints they are saying you can get out of the ink carts are true...they did not specify if the were printing in an economy mode or high quality mode. I did see a video somewhere that there is a setting and you can see the difference in the quality of the print. When it arrives i will try and do some comparison and hopefully Craft Edge/SCAL will upgrade their software to be compatible.

Happy Scrappin!


  1. i am so so so excited to see it in action!!!! cricut-date!

  2. I ordered mine 09/14/2010 at the premier. Got it and had to send it to Provo craft after the update. Seems alot of people are having to to do that! So I'm sad- The mat sucks- it wouldn't hold my cardstock in place. They have had lots to return those too. But still waiting on the imagine to get here again to try it out.. Scal said they couldn't even get started till the get a machine. I am keeping my expression just in case- as I would be LOST without SCAL. Just sitting and waiting, and waiting...

  3. Jodie - I got mine on launch day too, but ordered late in the day, thus the Oct 11th arrival. I did read the news on the Provo Craft Forums..I hope mine is one of the luck ones! Or its a firmware fix that can be download vs sending it in. I still don't get a lot of my card stock to stick to the current mats, I am always hand holding or taping the edges for security. I have a baby bug and will keep it for the portability of it. I think it will become a great machine and especially if SCAL can work with it in the future. Sorry, you had to send yours back in, let me know when you get it back and how the fix turned out!