Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Imaginative Critique

I have had the Cricut Imagine now for a few weeks and I wanted to give my 2 cents on the machine. So, here it goes!!!!

{ Cons }

*I have had to calibrate the machine twice so far, the outline cuts were not cutting correctly.

*I still find that images cut closer to the top of the mat cut correctly and images cut in the middle and below cut crooked. :-\ (not too happy about that)

*After peeling images of the mat, when you go to peel the rest of the paper, it always curls, and needs time to flatten out before using the scraps.

*Hard to judge the size of the images, even though you tell it 3 inches, on boarders if the images is too large on the final print out screen, it doesn't show up as an image, just a grey box. Once, you size it down it will then show the image.

*I seem to be using a lot of white paper.

* I wish it would rotate and move images around for maximum printing space.

*My Micheal's is slow at putting out their Imagine display, and I want to get more mats and back up ink!!

*The machine is LARGE and IN CHARGE!!! Make sure you have plenty of space! Remember it needs space behind and in front for the mat to slide through!!!

*The custom coloring of the layers has its can do it on main pieces and it works fine, but you can not change the color or pattern of the (people, animals, etc...) without filling the entire image, thus resulting in a shadow with no detail. You will loose the features in the character.

* I don't like the stylus!! The grip area hurts my fingers. It's way to small and easy to loose. Sometimes, when I pop it out of the holder it goes flying *weeeeee* across the room, then I am looking for it again!!! Also, it's black, which you can't see! They should of made it Cricut GREEN, with neon lights and a comfy grip and lanyard!

*Obviously the common complaints, Price, Cost of Ink, Cartridges are pricey, not working with the Gypsy or Design Studio YET! (they are working on the Gypsy update).

{ Pros }

* Quick and Easy to whip up a card for that last minute occasion!

* Layering multiplies the images you have to work with. (ex: you can use just the owl, or the dog, or the background as a label, etc...)

*The new glue on the mat is sticky, haven't had paper move on me yet, though I am using a thinner card stock (white, Wal-Mart brand, Best Occasions). I have some Wausau Paper to try out.

So, that is my 2 cents for now!!!!! I hope this may have helped in your decision on buying a Cricut Imagine or in not buying one!

Happy SCrappin'

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  1. i love your critique!!!! i can't wait until i can go over and play with it with you in person! speaking of, maybe we can skype-scrap this weekend? bring your laptop to bostons!! :) ha ha!