Monday, July 12, 2010

My 1st Scrapbooking Post!

Hi All!

This is my 1st Scrapbooking Post! I will be posting photos of my creations, items for sale, and tips and tricks!!! If I get the courage to video I may start to video demos. So, hang on tight! It is gonna be a bumpy ride!!! The look of my Blog with change throughout the building process. In the mean time check out my photo blog here.



  1. i am so excited! i was wondering if i should start one too...! :)

  2. Sami, we could be the next Pink Stamper & Karlee Krafts! If you do I will have a Sam's Scraps Section!!! Starting with that adorable Father's Day Kit!

  3. Great, I just printed them out. How cute.